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Friday, February 1, 2019

Dry January

31 Days. The number of days since I have had my last adult beverage.

Now I know you guys thought my first blog was going to be about "My current skin care routine". No, no, no! Its about my experience going 31 days with no alcohol.

I knew going into the new year I wanted to challenge myself, whether it be eating healthy or those so called “resolutions” everyone makes for themselves. Towards the end of the year [2018] I knew I wanted to do a 30-day challenge of something so I chose to not drink for 30 days. Give my body a little detox, because I NEEDED it. I mentioned this to my husband that I was going to try this out and cut back on alcohol. Having heard me say this before, he said, “Okay….” and then nothing more. I knew he thought that my decision to take a break was going to last just about as long as I believed I could last – not long. 

I enjoy drinking. I love those hot summer days drinking a margarita on the patio at a bar with friends and partying until the wee hours of the night. Going out with the girls and dancing the night away. When people are ready to call it a night, I am the girl that’s sad the night is ending and wants to keep going. 

However, it was time for a break, my mind and my body needed it. I heard all about #dryjanuary via social media. It actually was an easy way for me to explain to friends why I wasn’t drinking and or going to be socializing as much as I usually do. 

Giving up alcohol was not as hard as I thought, actually it was quite easy. When I told people or friends what I was doing and committed to it everyone was super supportive [to my surprise]. I am not sure why I thought people wouldn’t have been supportive or why it came as a shock to me when they understood but made the process a lot easier. 

For the past 31 days I have woken up clear headed. I have not lost days where I feel too hung over or crappy to do my best at my job or have energy for my dogs or to just enjoy my day to day life. This month has been a nice little get away of sorts, a time to reflect on how I really want to spend my time and most importantly my money. Drinking aint cheap. 😉

Lastly, this month has [to my surprise] brought me and my husband a bit closer then we already were. We have spent more quality time together, got creative with our date nights, no more "want to go to the bar" when we could not think of something to do. We have bonded more with each other!

If you have been thinking about trying this out I HIGHLY recommend it. It doesn't have to be the month of January, take any month or two weeks or even a week and see if it changes your mindset the way it did mine.  

Will, I return to drinking you ask....? UHH YES ha-ha…. but I will return more mindful. 

Cheers Everyone.  

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